< ( la v.f. est juste là )
It's a graphic game, a kind of "exquisite corpse" on a planetary scale (soon).
Or it's an arborescence of pictures on which everybody can build
Or it's an interactive gallery: one can look at pictures, download them, but also modify them and exhibit the result among the others...

Beginning to see what it's all about ?
You now have the choice between:



-------------THE RULES ------------

1 - You look at the pictures in the corpse

then you chose one that you like (or dislike, or whatever)
You download it, using the "save image" command in your browser.
( if there's no "save image" command, then change your browser)

middledisplays the full definition picture (and allows you to save it locally then)
returns to the previous node (to the "parent" of a selected picture)
goes to the next node (to the "childs" of a selected picture)
lets you send e-mail to the author of the selected picture (or links to his homepage)

2 - Using your favorite graphics software,

you modify the picture according to your taste (or your lack of it).

NB: - Every kind of modification is OK, but you have to keep something from the picture you started with . Just rteplacing it by something totally different is nof course) no fun .

- by the way, the file format should stay the same : JPEG picture, 768x576 pixels, which is PAL standard size (sorry folks, it's an european page as you can guess)

- the "quality" of compression should be set at normal or high , resulting in a file of less than 100 Kos which sould not deteriorate toofast (I hope).

3 - You send the resulting picture to me

It should be UUencoded and its name should look like that:

"xq-"(login, or nickname)"-"(generation number)

( you get the generation number of your picture by adding 1 at the number of the picture you started with. Easy, isn't it? )

4 - Your picture will soon be exhibited among the others.

... a link to your e-mail adress or to your home page (if you supply this information)
will figure next to your picture ("mailto" button),
so groupies can get in touch with you

By the way...
As I... did not graduate in Oxford,
could somebody please help me correct this little text?