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Stupido Client Award, from discussion@softimage.com

I suggest a totally unprofessional *Stupido Client Award* for this totally unprofessional non-technical board. Here is my submission for 1995 A few years ago, a stupido Agency DA was bothering me about the contrast in the picture. I was using TDI (Anyone remember TDI?). I turned the contrast button on my monitor until he was happy (Yeah!!! You got it!) Press the space bar ("To validate current values..." As I explained to him...) Final Approval.

Herve Loizeau
Digital Directions (South Africa)
_____________________________________________________________________________ Ah... those times of TDI Explore, with even two different programs for modelling depending if you were to model with polygons or surfaces... Ok, here's my submission: A stupido client brought a logo to animate. He wanted it to do some rotations in space (and I was completely astonished at his originality), but we was so proud of his logo that the perspective deformation worried him. "Can you rotate it so it does not deform?" I didn't found a response, and I still haven't. BTW, what's the prize for the winner?
Jordi Moragues       *
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, SPAIN * e_mail: moragues@upf.es
tel: 34 3 412 39 91      * http://www.iua.upf.es/~jordi
fax: 34 3 412 41 62      *
_____________________________________________________________________________ Actually, my favourite one was when I was first starting out in CG (oddly enough on TDI) for a local supermarket chain. The agency went out on a shoot to the store and had the manager walk down the aisle towards the camera, obviously showing off his wares. I don't know what happened next but they "forgot" one of the shots or something. Unfortunately, the agency had just seen an abekas demo reel......Next thing I know is that they're asking us to make him turn around and walk back down the aisle in the computer. It becomes very hard to explain at that level. I guess they're the kind of people who sit in the front row of the cinema to look up the actress' skirt.
Greg Maguire
(818) 544-2051
_____________________________________________________________________________ I have also a *Stupido Client Award* to present I was suppose to morph a face of an actor buit the sequence was to dark. I had absolutly no pixels to work with. I said to the director that it was impossible to work with this sequence. He said: " Well, just put some lights and you'll be able to see the actor" ??? Ho, I did not think of that ??? ... huh! --
 Hans Payer                   
 CGI Animator          
 Buzz Image Group     
 312 Sherbrooke East    
 Montreal, (Quebec)
_____________________________________________________________________________ I have to tell the story about NAB 1994, when I was working for Abekas demonstrating the A84 compositor. We had a superb demo from "Star-Trek, Next Generation" (which was being made then on that machine at Digital Magic) with an uncloaking Klingonn ship over a star with solar flares and stuff. Anyway being Abekas we had 12 disk recorders running the whole thing in real time showing how we could jog and play the effect while still being able to interactively tweak elements (time for a new thread "when we could do stuff in real-time ??"). Anyway a man with a microsoft badge came round on the last day and asked me "hey [boy] , what platform is this running on", to which I replied "It's home-made". And the moral of the story is: If you want something really good then make sure it can't run a spreadsheet ! --
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